Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Gran Turismo

I've been thinking of sports cars. What's the best sportscar you can get? A Ferrari, a Porsche, or something really over-the-top like a Veyron or a Zonda? These are not sportscar however.

What I'm thinking is that a REAL sportscar is anything you drive to fulfill some adrenaline rush.

Put it into first gear, kicking the clutch, pointing at the apex... all that stuff.

But you might still be thinking 'Well, I'm still gonna look stupid in my Punto.' Good point, but you still manage to go home in some sort of comfort. You just can't sit all day in a stripped out joint.

Hence the class 'Gran Turismo'. Straight from the French Riviera, enjoying sunshine, beautiful women, cocktails, you name it vombined with style, power and some magnetic vibe to a complete pattern o' life.

Gran Turismo is a class everyone tries to join. Because, frankly, it really isn't about the cars. It's about the capital letter life you want to live.

'Geez, I cannot afford a GT car, ever in my life' - Well, that's a complaint. some people just get luckier than others.

But who cares? You still have a route map, you still have that urge. All borders are now open in Europe. It's not a lifetime achievement to drive down to and along the coast.

Not cruising, not speeding... just driving.

To make you realize you still can get from A to B even if it is only about comforting your soul.

You too can make a 'great journey'.

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