Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Solitude of an Endurance Driver

Left-hander. Keep it tight... right, now full-on. So what is with Anita? Break, heavy on it. Into the chichane. Accelerate gently. How come we haven't met for a week. Right-hander, gently. Flashes and lights. Just like our relationship. Left without a word. Working on something really hard. Just like taking over this Audi. You wait for it, you work hard. You don't see it most of the time. But it's in front of you. Heavy brake, it is pulling to the left. Got to check it at the next pit stop. Something always goes wrong, however hard you try. You just can't do anything about it.

I am tired, I really am. Mulsanne. Got to rest a bit here.

Why do I have to think here anyway? Can I just watch? I can't see anything, either. I feel like closing my eyes now. Just a few laps more.

And what about the kids? Don't I deserve them, too? They are mine, too.

Taking over, chichane. Obsticles. Things of the past.

I wish this was a touring car race now, I wouldn't be thinking about anything else but racing. Into the right-hander, gently on the accelerator.

9 and a half hours remaining. Soon, getting my change. Can I just live a normal life after that? Can I? It may not make too much difference for me but I would just like to stop.

Right-hander, careful with the GT3. Overtaking, pushing it forward. Little understeer. Aproaching chichane...

Go on and on and on and on...

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