Monday, 28 March 2011

China Syndrome - a loss of pitiful common sense

I just read in the news that the EU would like to see "zero emission" cars ONLY on its roads by 2050, internal combustion engines would be banned (not entirely, though).

In other news, German protesters raise up their voices to close all German nuclear power plants, due to the Japanese earth quake and tsunami caused fission crisis.

1. Earth quakes of this magnitude would never occur in Europe, especially in Germany, because - alas - it's on the middle of a tectonic plate. If it DID happen, then it would mean the European continent submerging below sea level, or being crushed entirely, causing millions of deaths.

2. Tsunami, again, cannot strike the middle of a continent. If it did, then one could associate a meteor hit of a magnitude that would wipe out the living flora of a hemisphere, serious megadeaths or gigadeaths in charge.

3. Guess what. "Zero emission" electric cars are powered by - surprise - electricity. And electricity comes from - surprise again - nuclear power plants for the most per cent.

 4. If you cut back electricity, then there is no power to power "green cars" (horror!),  flat screen 3D TVs (terror!), and most of all - servers that run Facebook, Twitter and the Greenpeace website - and you are not able to organise a protest, a revolution or share infos about whale huntings (apocalypse!).

5. I'm going to buy a car that stays a vehicle for the rest of my life. It should be a Land Rover Discovery, a Toyota Hilux or a Lada Niva. You don't want to see internal combustion engines on the roads? You won't if it's up to me...

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