Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year approaching... at 300 kilometres an hour

Drinking vine, getting more and more relaxed, I am still thinking about supercars.

Mind you, this is a totally tounge-in-cheek moment.

Dreaming and thinking about drive ar, ar away. Sometimes I have the belie that motorways were designed to create ou dreams. It's the path you're taking that matters.

Not surprised drunk driving isn't allowed, 'cause I would do it right now. Just driving to infinity. Finishing jour journey in eternity. When drunk you would also believe you were driving an Aston or a Zonda.

But I do fear GOD, too. I try to keep a sober thought on things.

That is why I wish you a happy new year interuptedly right at this moment.

Cheers and prayers,
Gee Halen

(p.s. not willing to review this post for mistakes or insanity)

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