Saturday, 1 January 2011

Tour d'Europe

I just read my pityful post of yesterday and I have mixed thoughts about it. But I'm completely honest about it, too, so I'll just leave as it is as I promised.

In the meanwhile I watched the highly entertaining miniseries with Jeremy Clarkson about Meeting the Negihbours. Driving through France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy is just the plan I am having in mind... well, except the last two, because I have something completely different on my mind.

You see, one's headed where the money is. Thinking about the future, investment.

I mean, I still have the money to put gas in the Escort's tank and we can still feed ourselves and the dogs. We even have two flats and we let one of them. On paper it seems like an Eastern European jackpot.

Reality is of course - as in many cases - different. When you're trapped in debt, between families' will and under future's pressure when it seems you cansay goodbye to your old days.

That's why we're heading to England. Because it is still in Europe and we both speak English.

I've been watching Google Maps and other route planners for weeks just thinking about how to get there and not about what to do there.

Sure, I sent my CV to many places, I registered on many jobfinder sites but I'm still fascinated by the road I'm going to take. The drive. Or rather: The Drive.

You see, it's not just the 24-hour drive that matters. It's the process of transition. I will have 24 hours to switch my mind over from an Eastern Eropean to a Western European. And I just come to realize that I will not be able to plan for what I will do till I get there. I don't know yet how to function as a Western European.

I would gladly avoid motorways to drive through villages and have coffe and bakery products and enjoy this journey in full extent, unfortunately I will be on my own, so I will have to do the whole thing in one sit, and I cannot afford the luxury of getting lost somewhere in Austria in absence of a GPS. The dogs wouldn't take it that well, either. I just tokk them for a walk at New Year's Eve. Midnight hit when we were at the local railway station. Some kids were doing fireworks and they were just scared to death. Poor ex-stray dogs, they will have to dispense me for 90 minutes in the hull of a ferry.

Anyway, I willdrive through Austria, Germany, Belgium, Holland and France to conclude in Great-Britain. I even have to dispense the Nürburgring and Spa-Francorchamps to arrive in safety

And I have some concerns. Will I end up being just an Eastern European, a Western European, simply European or British by tha time I get there, or all of them?

This will be the first time I am really laeving my country for good.

Motorways headed for a new life. Should I have a Clarkson moment yelling 'Power!' when there is none to feel some lavishness?

Can or cannot I plan ahead to really fit in society and working force?

It is the road that is still on my mind. My first, immediate responsibility to get there. But without a purpose it's not worth getting there.

Concerns and more concerns. Future in Jesus's hands.

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