Friday, 7 January 2011

Paper on Pager... or Whatever

I had the opportunity to have a look at this site on an iPhone touch. I'm no techie geek in the sense that I need the latest application whatever it takes.

During my university years I read so much from screen that I have became a bit sick of that. When it comes to reading something longer - say a book or a longer short-story - I refer to read it on paper. There is no backlighting, no ads, no scrolling, just pure text.

That's why this blog looks the way it is. Something closer to what you would consider a paper-based reading.
I'm a bit related to cars in a similar manner. I'm a purist in that matter. Of those I had or driven. they got more and more advanced, were more comfortable, etc.

But I'm still a purist in this respect.

I would even go so far to say the only extra I would like to have in my car is a map reading lamp and a cigar lighter. You can hook your laptop, or your smart phone on the cigar lighter and you have all the gadgets you would normally have in a car stock to distract you from driving.

While steering aid is great when it comes to parking, I hate the feelit gives - I mean I hate it never gives any feel. And I also hate I can't hear the engine on lower revs. What's the point?

Sure, I don't drive in the US on Interstate highways, but still... it all takes the joy of driving away.
..and car manufacturers today give some of these elements back into their sporty models.

You get a car totally stripped down? That will cost you some extra money. Sorry, I will get the basic model and strip out myself if I want to.

But why can't you get just more lower?

Is it the risk of you getting higher in a sporty car? Because power is a sin, even if it's just relative power?

In the end it is only about marketing and PR, like inventing the bottled water.

Nevertheless you can still read old books and have al the fun, just as you can drive the older cars for cheap money.

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