Sunday, 2 January 2011

"Where we're going, we don't need roads..."

Hungary has become the leader of the EU for 6 months. Not that it meant much, but I've been listening more carefully in the past weeks.

I've just learned on the radio that there's a new Danube strategy coming up, making it greener and less affected by human influence.

The expert said that the practice used to be earlier that riverbeds have been expanded to accomodate to ships that are sailing over and now there is a great revolt in views that suggests that the path for sailing has to be modified and ships should be accomodated to the riverbed.

That made me think. Why is there such an urge to lead Autobahns even to backyard restrooms in every village. The Autobahn and most motorways in general are like velvet after purging.

Soooo, the new cars that are coming out from the factory line are made with suspensions that never had potholes embedded in its DNA.

The question is though: is it really worth building roads to perfection?

It seems like we want to return to trains. I mean, yes, any train can roll through the TGV line and a TGV would be able to travel through Europe. Mind that, it wouldn't be able to travel to the most remote village there is in lack of electricity.

Similarly to cars, a modern one could not stand the chance on a rougher dirt road... or an Eastern European street.

But a stone-age steam or diesel train could go anywhere you wanted.

I would gladly read statistics on how much the maintaining of motorways costs.

Why can't we just choose our own roads straight through fields that belong to nobody in off-road vehicles?

Just make sure your GPS finds the nearest gas station.

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