Wednesday, 23 February 2011

New Future Weapon

*WARNING! This post does not include any references, so the author cannot and will not be willing to back up his argument. Now read.*

Cut to the chase. I have learnt that now diesels and biofuels are soon to be put on a moral blacklist, for they are harmful to the ozone layer. Oh, dear.

My opinion: ethanol is a direct terrorist attack against humanity. You could argue and come up with EU normatives, fact is, people always found ways to use biomass in agriculture instead of burning it for no reason. It's just not right to use soil to grow fuel on it. Topic closed.

Diesels? Huh. wonder how much emission is generated when producing petrol. As far as I know, petrol needs more refinement than diesel. So, combined with the absolute consumption of diesel and petrol cars,I believe they are even, not mentioning the price of diesel.

Electric? The most horrid of all. No, I don't want to think into how much pollution is emitted while making the batteries.

So what are we left with?

Downhill gravity drift, drag, rally racing with cars? I fancy that.

Pedal NASCAR? A bit tiring.

Hill climb pushing? Not a chance.

Painting car empty car bodies green, claiming it the way of the future? Absolutely.

Ladies and gentlemen, the car is dead.

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